The Form of Form

Exhibition design and Curatorship
Lisbon Architecture Triennale, 2016

In 2016 we have been invited to reflect on a selection of examples drawn from our platform, Socks (www.socks-studio.com) for the main exhibition of 2016 Lisbon Architecture Triennale. A number of images emphasize the permanence of form and its ability to condense a set of values in the realm of the visible. 

Functioning as a "conversation," the narrative of the exhibition has been developed around a number of spaces inspired by the architectural projects of Johnston Marklee, Nuno Brandão Costa, and Office KGDVS, responsible for designing the pavilions. Each of the spaces is designed to host selected content from the Socks database.

The language of architecture is explored through a selection of construction drawings, landscape interventions, urban plans, artistic research, and other elements. Originating from different periods in history and regions of the world, the content highlights what remains constant and what changes, thus identifying analogies and affinities in the creation of the built environment.

Organized around twelve interconnected rooms, each space integrating images related to a specific theme, the exhibition will define a continuous flow of works that are directly linked, either by affinity or opposition.

[Photographs © Tiago Casanova]