Databasee Network Interface
The Architecture of Information

Exhibition design and curatorship
Archizoom gallery at EPFL Lausanne, 2021

The exhibition Database, Network, Interface primarily draws on a selective survey of built, unbuilt and conceptual designs associated with selecting, ordering, transferring, preserving and accessing information. The case studies, also incorporating manifestations of architectural thought in other fields (literature, art, gaming, interaction design), belong to a broad timespan, from Antiquity to contemporary times and touch on very different conceptions and formalisations of the relationship between space and information. They have been chosen for their ability to exemplify specific ways a spatial system can promote access to information and embody paths and sequences, suggest potential links and ultimately guide users in their journey across content.

The exhibition design is guided by Ramon Llull’s Figura Plena, a figure consisting of a circle, a square and a triangle sharing the centre and having the same surface.

Eighteen wooden pieces of furniture on a regular array display the exhibition’s content. In plan, each one of them is shaped in one of three Llullian geometric figures: the circle, the equilateral triangle, and the square. These pieces of furniture are an allusion to and an abstraction of the fixtures traditionally connected to the access and organisation of information: tables, filing cabinets, libraries, shelves, pedestals, studies, etc. In the exhibition, the circle corresponds to the database, the triangle to the network and the square to the interface

Photos of the exhibition by Olivier Christinat and Solene Hoffmann.