Database Network Interface
The Architecture of Information

Book, Caryatide, Paris, 2021

Database, Network, Interface — a project consisting of an exhi­bition and an essay— explores archit­ecture’s historical role in representing and organising information and knowledge.

The project analyses architecture’s ability to structure the access to informa­tion and physically construct relati­onships between content through spatial, typological and structural organisation.

Information lies in an intermediate stage between raw archival data and its organisation in logical sequences. This process corresponds to the primary stage of knowledge production.

The exam­ples presented in this project manifest this movement, as they provide physical forms for information and help its evo­lution into the knowledge state. The sel­ection suggests the existence of a continuous dialogue between immaterial content and space and emphasises the crucial role of architecture in provi­ding a configuration for the abstract process of the construction of knowledge

The paths through this book can be mult­ipie, as the single cases may relate to one another in myriad ways. Like in Otlet’s Encyclopedia, the pages can be organ­ised in various orders to reveal different journeys through the content.